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Author: Partaker

We are living in a world of Artificial Intelligence! Don’t believe it? Just look around and you will be able to spot tons of things governed by Artificial intelligence, whether it is your mobile assistants like Siri or the Google maps in your phone. Let’s take a very common example, one which we do not even know AI is behind! Have you ever opened your social media account and found recommended posts which match with your interests, or with your recent activities? Well, it is all based on the AI mechanism! Most of us are also quite active on streaming applications

Being a creative designer or creative manager is not easy. Especially, the job of a creative manager is even tougher because you have the responsibility of acquiring client requirements and pass them to the designing team. Here are some of the critical issues that the managers face: 1. The customer not liking the product A customer saying “I don’t like this” is a thing which you must avoid at all cost. This is because this statement is very ambiguous and doesn’t clear what part of the design they don’t like. Maybe it’s the font, maybe it’s the color combination, maybe it’s the

Understanding the client requirement is one of the most vital parts of any project. In fact, the definition of business includes the identification of customer needs and fulfilling them, thereby gaining profit in the process. This highlights the fact that half of the job is done if the client’s requirements are determined exactly and the agency works towards satisfying those requirements. This is where communication plays a role. Proper communication is very much essential for a good client-agent partnership. It is also a matter of responsibility of the agency to ensure that they have the proper idea of the required

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