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Author: Ramya

Introduction: In the culinary world, there's a saying that people eat with their eyes. Beautiful-looking food makes people not only want to consume food but also to believe that food actually tastes better. In branding & marketing, this shows that product packaging is ultra important. Having a memorable presentation affects perception, and will keep customers returning again and again. All brands are not equally liked by the consumers. Consumers carefully select the brand by meticulous analysis of a number of factors associated with the products like brand name, manufacturer, packaging, price, content and many more. You have spent money on creating the

Guess the term which CREATIVE team fond of! MARKETING team tired of! And where the ADVERTISING team struck at! Yes, it’s BRAND! Often this term is used by the business people who want to promote their product or service. Let’s get to know the unknown of branding and why it is important in today’s world of marketing. No wonder Entrepreneurs, Startupreneurs even Wantrepreneurs desire is not to make money or fame rather create “BRAND” for their business. So what exactly the brand is? Your logo? Your slogan? Your business card? Your advertising boards? or Your product packaging? It can be anything

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