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The secret sauce of the successful business cards

Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising – Mark Twain

In this digital world, everything is under the single mobile phone, yet there are still few branding activities outside the mobile which can never be replaced, one such branding activity is “Business Card Marketing”. Every business needs advertisement to shout out the brand to the world. Every big thing starts with the small step and the first step in advertising for any business is “A Unique Business Card”.  The business cards are one of the excellent tools available for branding your business. A business card is the first identity of a person representing a business, so it should be done with care and in an innovative way, for when done right, the business card marketing can be an effective tool for increasing sales and revenues and can positively influence the business growth.

A business card could be either just informatic or informative  + useful and it depends on the profession. For professionals like doctors, lawyers and engineers the business cards could be informative, containing all the basic information, while for others it should be in such a way that it promotes the business in a way it is useful for the customers. A business card’s ISO recommended size is 90mm x 52mm and could be either single side or double side, as required, but the size is not a restriction.

Business cards are one of the most effective business communication tools. And if you think that the technological advancement has put a stop to its use, then you are very wrong. The use of a business card has not been any less.

What actually a business card should have?

Represent the brand

A business card is the first representation of any business, so a business card should be designed in such a way that it gels with the business. For eg) a two-wheeler mechanic could use a metal made business card which has few tools inbuilt.

Logo with the tagline in a proper font

Every business has a logo, and unique tagline expressing the product/service, which is a must for any business card. If it is for personal, then a symbol representing them should be in the business cards along with the tagline/ quote. The font plays a great role in the business cards because the font is the first thing people view on any business card, and if the font is not suitable then very few read the information in it.

Call to action

The business card should have limited yet perfect information required to convey the brand(personal/ company) to others. Every business cards must have some blank space and all the basic contact information like the name of the person and the brand,  the contact number, the E-Mail addresses, social media accounts(can be in the form of QR codes too) and if it is a personal business card address can be added. These all should be added yet designed in such a way that there is enough black space.


Every business card must be unique and creative according to their position and brand. A unique business card will add a great impression on the client’s mind.  Every card should be designed in such a way it stands out from others yet conveying meaning at the single look. The Business card could be designed in any of the following materials: Paperboard, Plastic sheets, Hand-Made board, Wood, Metals, Special materials and even using Transparent materials. Worried about creating an out of box business card? opting a creative agency like WNB will make the work easy for you.

So the above are the top “must-haves” of a business card, but how can we feel contented about having knowledge on the Business cards, without knowing the Do’s and Don’ts


Here is a set of things which can and should be done while designing a business card.

  • The Company’s logo is a must while representing a company.
  • The business card should follow the brand specifications like brand’s color/font and shouldn’t change it.
  • The colors in the business card should perfectly blend with each other, and it is advisable to follow the mother color of the brand.
  • While opting the single side business card, the other side could be filled with some famous quote that matches the brand/person.
  • The shape of the card need not be always a rectangle, it can be changed according to the needs of the brand.
  • Create it in such a way that it serves the needs of your customer, this feature will elongate the life of the business card and will create more prospective leads to the business. eg) a tailor’s business card with the measurement scale at the end will be useful.


Here will discuss the things which should not be done while designing a Business card

  • The font should not be bold, as it will create an irritation while looking at the Business card.
  • The Business card should contain less number of colors as it is the first brand representation.
  • Everyone in an organization should not have the same type of business card. The business card should be unique according to the position of the employees in the organization.
  • Last yet most important point is that, while designing every one should keep in mind that it is a business card, not a flyer to dump with N number of information.

Keep the above points in mind and create a business card for the business card is a great way to remind the people of you and your business whenever they see your business card, which has a positive effect on your business. It is to be remembered that the business cards are a fantastic tool for any kind of businesses and for all sizes as well. Remember a business card with objective and creative design will bring in wonderful results.

Wanna rebrand your business? Start with a business card designed especially for you from white and black.

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