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500guarD Product Launch.

An identity built on Culture.


With over 40 years of experience, AMMAN-TRY is one of the leading steel producers in India, setting the benchmark since 1978, with fresh inventions every now and then. Considering the increasing growth of the real estate sector and safeguarding the buildings for generations to come, AMMAN-TRY launched its new product Fe “500guarD”. We are the proud creative partner for AMMAN-TRY for more than half a decade and this new product launch event was not an exception.


Since the product is customer minded it demands a user-centric design and our creative team developed a questionnaire which consisted of a set of questions for designers rather than for clients. A long term loyal relationship with the client helped us to better understand the requirements but it was challenging while translating it into the design. The name is “500 guarD” yet the name that attracts people is “500D” so we had to develop every creative design including backdrops, brochures and flyer keeping both in mind was a very big challenge. Design Thinking to co-create the Look, Feel and Function of the new product was challenging too.  And the biggest question in every designer’s mind was “How are we going to design it in such a way it is more expansive and future-proof brand that could immediately scale into new markets a while also not losing existing brand love and awareness.


We wanted to give it a look that represents the premium feel and functional capabilities of the product at the same time. With that in mind, we combined the look of the steel bars with the alphabet “D” using a unique 3D technique. And we highlighted the colour red in every aspect as the import characteristics of the product is to withstand fire. We were able to reforge their business and brand, effectively with the designs that better reflect the demand of AMMAN-TRY’s target audience and the future of technology.

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