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GVN Hospital

80 years of excellence
Understanding the creative need for the design


Serving since 1939 with the vision to provide excellence in patient care and to achieve the status of the most trusted hospital for personalized care is Dr G. Viswanathan Speciality Hospital.”Healthcare with Compassion” is their motto which ignites everyone at GVN. On the 20th April 2019, GVN celebrated their 4 important events which were creatively supported with the astonishing designs from us.

Understanding the pain points

This April witnessed the important milestone in the history of GVN hospital. On 20th April 2019, the history was coloured bright as the day was noticed 3 major events: The 80th year celebration, the launch of the new product to detect cancer in the early stages and nostalgic moments of the reunion of 1960’s batch. The main challenge we faced was creating a single design covering all the 3 different events which are of 3 different genres yet never giving up on the brand archetype.

Our approach

This event witnessed the rarest yet most remarkable phase “Brand Becoming Humans” and giving creative support to such an event needs extra efforts. We were a little unclear on prioritizing the event agenda and got it resolved when we understood that the core event is the 80th-year celebration. Our creative nerds worked on different designs for the event and at last we came up with this beautiful design which conveys everything in a single quick look, yes we have added some text elements to specify the features of the product. we were able to deliver a brand identity, position, and fully-integrated event experience that drove everyone’s attention.

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