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Bringing the chillness to the hot city.
Combining creativity and Intellectual insights to start a revolution.

Innovating the Market

Iceberg Ice Creams has been a people’s favourite in Hyderabad, Nellore and Bangalore since its inception in 2012. On understanding the demand for the ice creams in Trichy market, Iceberg planned their Tamil Nadu’s first store in Trichy. With a huge variety of ice creams and the mass area, they were looking for help on the creative design that needs to mix up with local content to enter into a new market where there are challenging local & national players. And that’s when the company “Iceberg” approached us for the unique and creative designs.

Understanding humans

Our team’s studies greatly helped us in decoding the mindshare of potential customers. With the competition from every horizon (Local and national players) satisfying the needs of the consumers, creating the human-centric brand awareness campaign is a big challenge. Iceberg is located at the gateway welcoming the people of Trichy to its food street. The Trichy’s food street (11th cross Thillai Nagar) opens to the people every variety of food from Salem’s Tatu vadai set to Subway to many fine dining restaurants to satisfy the sweet tooth and utilising that location will render a huge ROI for the client.

Bringing it to life

The detailed insights about consumer behaviour, helped us to recognize differentiating visual cues that would help reach the target audience. We believe that with refined communication the brand gets deeper into the consumer’s mind so we created a clear, cool and simple theme which was supported with the brochures, flyers, menu cards and interior which followed the theme that gives the yummy feel. We worked on bringing a “WOW” entrance for the food street which resulted in the glass branding. Along with the few other themes we worked on bringing up the “WOW” effect at every factor interior to LED signages and much more. In this digital era missing out, Social Media is a sin and we never let our customers do it, we aided them with designing on both global and regional content. With everything falling in place, ICE BERG’s launch had a lot of awe-struck moments from the customers.

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