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Idayam Stores

Store Launch
Creating the next revolution


Idayam is one of the most promising names for all the 32 villages surrounding Mannaparai as they have been serving the people for more than 4 decades in various industries including theatre and Automobile showrooms. On understanding the difficulty of people of Manapparai they planned to open a showroom to answer the utensils and other electronic needs, and the first choice for them to support creative designs is White and Black.


For the decades together the buying behaviour of the customers in and around Mannaparai was travelling to Trichy to buy even a small utensil or furniture and it had become their habit on the course of time, breaking this is one of the hardest difficulty faced. A habit is formed by doing a set of actions to change a habit a different set of actions has to be performed and we did the same. A single purchase won’t make a big difference making the customers as the store’s brand advocacy is what the creative agency’s work.

Content meets commerce:

Through immersive in-store research followed by in-depth consumer analysis, team White and Black drilled into the buying habits and emotional triggers of the audience to develop a connected experience that would give Idyam stores a seat at their table. We first printed a newspaper kind of brochure which consisted of the list of elements which were available in the store while the last page was dedicated to the brand showcasing. Our marketing team made utilised the omnichannel marketing properly resulting in the brochure being available to every house of the 32 villages. We also created signages, wallpapers, mobile advertisement, and LED signages. Idayam Stores experienced high sales from our efforts, helping them become the most successful launch ever.

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