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Special Silver Ink

A new product from Japanese company AgIC (a reference to Ag, the chemical symbol for silver on the periodic table, and IC which stands for Ink Circuit).Invented a marker pen that transmits electricity on paper. Place an Led light and a battery on glossy photo paper and draw a line of any shape to connect the two. (Article is taken from boredpanda site)

Vocativ, the Circuit Marker is a pen with silver-based, electricity-conducting ink that allows you to turn custom artwork into a functional electrical circuit.

Besides being a way to create glowing city drawings, the pen and its conductive silver ink can be used to teach children of all ages how circuits work.

In fact, the company’s mission is to make electric circuits more accessible for everyone.

Most conductive ink pens also dry faster than conductive paints. This method may be the easiest to apply, but attaching components can be more frustrating. Below some pros & cons taken from


  • Dries faster than conductive paints.
  • Precise lines.
  • Intuitive use.


  • Can be difficult to attach components.
  • Paper selection matters – inks will not adhere to some types of paper. Photo paper works best.
  • May be easily mistaken for regular pens or markers and accidentally wasted on non-electronic projects.

In 2015, AgIC started a Kickstarter campaign for the Circuit Eraser, a companion to the Circuit Marker and Circuit paper that allows users to erase and edit their circuits. (Article is taken from

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