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White & Black as Zebra

White & Black
 not just only the name, Its behind some operational characteristics are similar to zebra long-lived animals that move quickly, White and Black started in 2006 but its moves reach the next levels.

We are a team:

Family members look out for one another if one becomes separated from the rest, the others search for it. Team play is a very important role in every organization but we are very proud to tell the White and Black creative members have that skill, That ’s why we compared characteristics to zebra.

We are unique:

All zebra looks like same stripes but each stripe have a unique for each and every zebra, similar White and Black team provide services have some unique design exposure while compared other printing ads companies.

We are creative:

The stripes on Grevy’s zebras are more numerous and narrow than those of the plains zebra and do not extend to the belly. and black design outputs are depends upon the customer needs & their satisfaction.

We are active:

Zebras shiny coats that dissipate over 70 percent of incoming heat. The black and white stripes are a form of camouflage called disruptive coloration that breaks up the outline of the body. All Print Industries people may know white and black contain all colors, so the name implicit all color works.

Although the pattern is visible during daytime, at dawn or in the evening when their predators are most active, zebras look indistinct and may confuse predators by distorting true distance. Our vision of each and every design output may help to improve customer identities for their brands and functionalities etc.,

We are relentless:

Zebra family groups are stable members maintaining strong bonds over many years. Mutual grooming, where zebras stand together, helps develop and preserve these bonds, likewise White and Black treat and maintain their customers.

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