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white and black studio graphic design company in trichy

About Us

over 13 years in
design & branding

About Us

Reaching out to customers and clients is all about making the right impact. If you can strike a chord with your communication, you’ll have their undivided attention; a skill that we’re adept at here at White & Black! Based in Trichy, Tamil Nadu. We are a Creative Agency and Print Partner, working with reputed corporate and commercial enterprises since 2006. We are relentless, left and right-brained creative thinkers who believe great things happen when a creative mind is allowed to travel! Since we perceive every brand as a unique work of art, our thought processes embark on a creative journey that is just as vivid and diverse.

What We do

From logo creation and printing solutions to designing Books / Diaries, Brochures, Business Cards, Catalogue, Danglers, Directory, Files, Flyers, Invitation, Magazines, Menu, Packaging, Posters, Souvenirs, and Wrappers; our hands-on creative services are tailored to your brand’s personality, target audience and their location. Currently, we operate across the length and breadth of Tamil Nadu, India.


Arun Kumar - Visualizer in White & Black



With over 18 years of hands-on creative design expertise, Arun Kumar is a great visualizer who has the magic of bringing the spark in every design. He guides the team White&Black to the creative world with the innovative fire and unique strategy. With his guidance, even a hen can draw a straight line. Managing a team of 25 members by bringing up the spirit of creative work in every soul showcases his core strength in the field of HR.

When he isn’t busy educating people on the difference between fonts and typefaces, he can be found with the book in the hand. Being a bookaholic he spends his spare time with the books and speaking about it to the team. Accepting criticism from everyone is his cool character. Being a strong believer on the bond created among the humans when the food is shared, he always shares and grabs the lunch with teammates. After books, cricket attracts him a lot which is showcased during the Sunday morning matches at the ground with the team White&Black.


Head-Startegy & Finance

An SAP certified MBA grad with over thirteen years of experience in Data mining and operations. The beautiful work-flow structures and proper budgeting exhibits his core strength in Strategy. Balaji strongly believes in “Our success is not only due to the quality of our work, but it’s down to attitude, our approach and the way we treat our clients”. He loves spending time with the people and never misses an opportunity to network with people from different localities. He is also a member of many associations like BNI, YES, LIONs…

Outside the work, Balaji is most commonly spotted watching movies or web series. He is an ardent movie lover and never misses a movie. Being a nerd, Balaji always looks for an opportunity to learn new stuff, updates and current changes happening in the world.

Balaji head strategist and finance

That's How we

We offer a wide range of services to deliver a complete design solution tailor-made for your distinct needs. As a creative agency, we offer everything from product design to graphic design, packaging and branding services.

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