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Diwali! It’s time for the big show from Creative agencies.

Festival, occasion, and ‘special day’-based communication has become all too commonplace today. Previously, the ads tended to be transactional, call-to-action, and sales-driven but today, brands expect emotion-laden pieces of communication around the festival or ‘day’.

Previously, the festival season was just from Diwali till Harvest festival”Pongal” that brands and their creative and media custodians had to worry about. Now, with the advent of creative agency’s footprints into the social media, the festival season is all around the year for there’s Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Labour Day, Valentine’s Day, Holi, Ramadan, Christmas, Friendship Day, what have you.

In India, Even though the festival season is throughout the year the show stalker event is always “Diwali” On the occasion of “Diwali”, every brand wishes to come up with a unique style of advertisements which in turn increase the pressure for the creative agency. Have you ever wondered how do agencies deal with the pressure of churning these mandatory pieces of communication? Let’s know about it in this blog.

Let me start the blog with a question:

When is the biggest festival in India – Diwali???

Yes, it is on the 6th of November right???

but for creative agencies like White and Black, the Diwali has been started 15 days before, yes we are already packed with works for clients.


How our office looks like???

Our Office


Being a creative agency our work is always innovative and interactive which will help us to come up with great ideas. As you all know client interaction is an inevitable part in our day to day life, but the time spent with us will be very less during normal days when compared to festival time. To satisfy the needs of the clients is our ultimate purpose. During festival season clients come to us all day long, expecting us to inspire them with the freshest ideas on how to tackle their marketing, design and communication challenges.

What does the Client expect from us?

Everyone wants to make their business stand out of crowd by the advertisement design, so every one of our clients expects us to make the design in an outstanding way. Clients expect us to deliver their design first prior to others. Needless to say, for being able to deliver value to the client we need to stay updated on the top trends on each medium like social media, mobile, OOH…etc. As advertising in the recent days is less of product descriptive and more of product experience we must come up with fresh ideas every time.

Challenges faced and how we overcome it

White and black blog - 2

It is always good to have challenges for it to strengthen our expertise.

The first and foremost challenge we deal with during the festival is that we have a lot of clients from the same industry and everyone wants their advertisement to be the best in the industry. Even though the festival season is throughout the year the major festival will remain the same. For eg., Diwali and AADI is the most important festival for Textiles, during which their sales will be high. So every client in the industry expects a unique, creative and outstanding design for them. We have a team of people who are experts in designing, so when many clients of the same industry approach us we distribute the work to everyone so that each one can come up a fresh energizing and unique ideas for their respective client which in turn makes them stand out of the crowd. We have been communicating for the brand over the years, and hence, understand very well what it stands for, so it is very easy for us to fulfill the expectation of the client.

During the festival season, there will be a cluster of advertisement all around, the main challenge will make the add stand out the crowd and making it being noticed by their target audience. We have a team of market strategist who always keeps an eye on the market shareholders and competitor’s movement which help us to tackle the rivalry advertisement when needed. Rivalry advertisement plays a major role in the sales of the business so when a competitor comes up with a rivalry ad, we would be ready to support our client with an advertisement which would act as a reply to the competitor’s ad at the same time it would also be in connection with the latest trend in the market so that our competitor’s sale increases and they could reach the goal and be satisfied with our work.

The 11th Hour production is a great challenge for creative agencies for the client keep on changing the design and keep on giving new ideas on the final product of their print material because of which printing gets delayed. We always wish to be ahead of the deadline but because of this reason sometimes printing may get delayed. In order to overcome this hurdle we always set the finishing time a few days ahead of the deadline so that even if there is some printing problem we can deliver it on time. Once the design got the approval we will immediately check for the printer’s availability and then send the soft copies to print. We always get the work finished at least a month ahead so that we could work on the changes and immediate requirement at the time of Diwali.



We always get the works done on time so that during the week of Diwali we would be free because we want our designers to celebrate the Diwali without any work pressure. The credit for this pressure less environment goes to the versatility of the brand custodians – the planning, creative, and account management teams. We have been in the industry for the past 10+ years which help us to have the clear picture on the industry so that we prepare the calendar in advance for all the regular clients, this helps us to reduce the deadline pressure. We don’t have exclusive teams to work on immediate requirements, the creative teams that are in charge of the respective brands are the ones which create campaigns for any such occasion the brand would like to be associated with. We are familiar with all the hacks on how to better manage projects and teamwork.


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  • October 31, 2018
    Kesav Balajee ( Ambaals )

    Dear White and Black Team,
    You guys are really awesome for your patience & kindness, Yes because we (Client) keep on changing the design till the final out.
    Your output was really amazing & Creative always 😊
    Congratulations Arun bro & Team 😊

    • December 8, 2018

      Client’s happiness and satisfaction is what matters for us. Thanks for believing us and helping us to make a wonderful output for you. As you celebrate the special day, we celebrate you (Clients). We wish to have a successful path together in the long run.

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