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Is the Future Creative Agency a ROBOT?

We are living in a world of Artificial Intelligence! Don’t believe it? Just look around and you will be able to spot tons of things governed by Artificial intelligence, whether it is your mobile assistants like Siri or the Google maps in your phone.

Let’s take a very common example, one which we do not even know AI is behind! Have you ever opened your social media account and found recommended posts which match with your interests, or with your recent activities? Well, it is all based on the AI mechanism! Most of us are also quite active on streaming applications such as Spotify, Netflix, etc. Have you ever seen a recommended playlist which consists of songs, all of which belong to your prefered genre of music? It isn’t like the actual human effort is put into curate customized playlists for the millions of people who use these applications! Artificial Intelligence is the key to such features! All these technological advancements seemed impossible a decade ago, however, here they are, successfully running in front of our eyes. The same can be said about robots and their role in the future.

Robots have already started making the processes and operations related to supply chain and blockchain easier in the logistics industry. They are used to efficiently handle all the complicated and time taking processes with ease and accuracy. The very same way, keeping in mind the creativity that AI robots reflect, it won’t be surprising if the future creative agency is a robot. In fact, this change has already started taking place!

McCann Japan

The creative director of a Japanese company McCann Japan had a brilliant idea that a robot can act as the creative director of TV commercials in the year 2015. They fed information on award-winning advertisements from the past 10 years into the AI’s database. This database acted as a knowledge base for the robot so that it could analyze and create an advertisement based on its research.

Their attempt of creating an advertisement with the help of an AI robot was successful and the result was quite astounding. A popularity poll took place to compare the ad created by the robot and the one created by the human creative team which showed that there wasn’t much difference in popularity at all! The robot-made ad was only 4 points behind the human creative team’s advertisement. This result suggested that robots can successfully make creative advertisements too.

Robot Made Film

Yes, you read that right! The first ever AI created film was debuted at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in the summer of 2016. This film was the combined efforts of Team One and Zoic Labs. The entire film was filmed, edited and directed by AI robots alone.

These examples show that AI robots can be used in the creative market as well. AI robots are good at reading factual data, processing it and then taking action on the processed information, however, they are not so reliable when it comes to taking standalone decisions. You need to feed accurate data in its database in order to make them capable of taking an intelligent decision, as was done by the creative director of McCann Japan. This is because the current technology has not advanced to the extent where robots can understand and learn independently. Even so, in the future, we can expect this limitation of AI to be eliminated with the development and introduction of new technology.


Artificial Intelligence + Human Intelligence

In order to work efficiently, even artificial intelligence requires the help of human intelligence. The growth of AI will not put human jobs at stake. The development of AI will create new jobs in the creative field and may even make some old jobs obsolete.

Studies conducted by World Economic Forum suggest that 65% of the children entering their primary education today will enrol in a job which does not exist in today’s world.

On the contrary, we might see new jobs and job opportunities as AI take over the creative market.

According to studies, it is predicted that an approximate of 38% jobs in the US will be replaced by robots by the year 2030.

There are many changes and advancements to be made in order to make AI capable of handling creative agencies completely. There is a huge scope for AI technology in the future and it won’t come as a surprise if the future creative agency not only takes help from robots but is also governed and run by a robot.

However, to think that this is the end for human creativity will be completely wrong. With the advancement of technology, there are many doors yet to be opened and many job fields yet to be uncovered.


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