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how outdoor advertisement impact viewers

Hoarding – The Big Picture’s Impact on Viewers

Imagine being on your mundane work commute and to your surprise, you come across this hoarding advertisement:


“Clever,” you may remark and probably tell your family or colleagues about it too.
Amongst the many hoardings that you pass on your way, this one would definitely stay most memorable. It has made a home in your mind.

A well-designed hoarding, such as the one in question, can really grab the attention of passersby and drivers. On that note, let’s explore the hoarding-audience dynamics.

Importance of Designing Attractive Hoarding Advertisement

A number of businesses and agencies consider setting up hoardings as a part of their advertising campaign. However, very few organizations realize that it is the hoarding that they put up is going to be their first contact with a potential client!
Innovative hoarding designs can bring your brand into focus. Here’s how:

Makes a Solid First Impression

creative hoarding advertisement


An old proverb says – First impressions are the most lasting. And that’s quite true, especially in advertising!
As a business that is offering its goods and services, it is extremely important to make a charming first impression. If your hoarding manages to catch the attention of the passersby, it means that you are successful in wooing the viewers.

Establishes Brand Value


A smartly planned hoarding advertisement could transform you into a formidable brand. The viewers will know your company by the name, which enhances the brand perception and will also contribute towards brand recall value.
You could include an interesting catchphrase or a tagline to sound more interesting.

Conveys the Mission and Vision of Your Company


Remember, the viewers may not necessarily take the time to look-up your company. So a better technique is to include the what, when, why and how related to your company. That does not mean that you have to clutter your hoarding with excessive information. In fact, try to convey more in less. Minimalist hoarding designs manage to give the viewer an idea about your business while also evoking intrigue.
As it is said, a picture is worth a thousand words.

From Concept to Reality

The process starts with selecting the perfect creative design agency that understands your vision. Give a formal briefing to the interested agencies and give them an appropriate amount of time to prepare their pitch. Choose the advertising agency that presents a pitch that resonates with what you have in mind.
Once you have made the choice, discuss your problems, hurdles, and expectations at length. The advertising agency will then conduct an in-depth analysis and research on the material gathered. This data will be shared with the creative team, that will look for creative solutions to the problem. Once the ideas are finalized, the production unit will start the budgeting.
Finally, the creative design agency will offer you various solutions to tackle the issues and the cost thereof. Depending on your inputs, the best option will be selected and executed.
Clearly, that is a lot of time, effort, and dedication that goes into having your creative hoarding up and about!

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