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psychology behind logos

Understanding the psychology behind logo colors.

The psychology behind logo colors

Understanding the psychology behind colors are valuable assets for both designers and entrepreneurs. A Human brain is a magnificent tool. It stores everything visually and could be recalled multiple times. Your brain believes your eyes. Whatever attractive it sees; it automatically likes and sends impulses to the brain. Of all the senses, the eyes are the prominent sense. The colors influence people and create a vibration and a pulse in the brain, making them react to colors.

The Psychology of colors:

The connection between the eyes and brains are wonderful. There is a subliminal connection between your mood and the colors. People tapping this psychology are using in their respective fields and gain enormous success. The craving behind a biryani, a Manchurian and a tomato soup is not only its flavor but also the deep red color which binds your craving. This is a specialized study called neurosciences which clearly says that color and shape can trigger emotion. More than 90 percent of the purchases are WANTS more than NEEDS and are triggered by emotions.

Technology and Science behind Branding:

Logo and Colors are two important aspects of creating a brand. Firms use this technique of brand retentively and brand recalling through Logos they create. Next time you see an earthen lamp guarded by two hands, immediately we can recall that it is the logo of LIC. Last two decades, we could see a growth in the rise of firms across the globe.

Science and technology gave rise to mobile gadgets, being an inevitable part of us. Owing to the rise in the growth of mobile devices the Branding Agencies were making enormous content, and engaging content to beat the competition of heavy advertisements and contents seen on the gadgets.

What does the color communicate:

Just take a second to remember different logos and their brands, you are able to remember certain brands because of their tactical design, colors and the way you associate, more than how good or sophisticated it has been designed. Now let us look at each color and understand what they wish to communicate.

Colors- Wnb Trichy


The red color is associated with passion, confidence, and energy. It is far more attractive color in the spectrum. It creates a sense of urgency. This color is widely used in restaurants, where it increases the appetite. During the sale, this color is used widely to create an impulse.


Orange symbolizes Playfulness and Enthusiasm. It is widely used to create excitement and to enhance creativity. It combines the factors of friendliness and inspires the consumers to take an action.


It is often associated with Happiness and Optimism. It communicates that the brand is affordable and friendly.


Green is often associated with youthfulness, freshness, and nature. It also represents money and wealth. A lot of finance companies and vegetarian food brands use this color.


This is often associated with trust, stability, and peace. Companies which represent firm trust upon their customers use blue color in their logo.


This color often symbolizes luxury, wealth and success. When a brand wants to communicate that it is luxurious, it is often used. This creates a feeling of magic or mystery but mostly gives a posh feel to the brand.


This gives a feminine touch and is often associated with kids. It targets the children and symbolizes innocence. Mostly used in brands which sell sweets and products associated with children and young girls.


White is considered to be a very positive color. White represents truth, clarity, and openness. Brands use white color to describe purity and honesty.


Black is associated with power, fear, mystery, strength, authority, elegance. This color is widely used to make a brand be more sophisticated. Black also attracts the attention of the viewers.

More than colors, it needs enormous acumen and experience in the Industry to deliver attractive content which stands the test of time. The combination of creativity and technology has taken human’s skills to newer horizons. We, White & Black takes immense interest to partner with you to leverage the brand value through distinct designs and color schemes. In the pursuit of taking the Branding and Designing to the next level, we abreast the latest technologies and implementations to deliver a distinct solution.

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