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How to use negative space in logo design

How to use Negative Spaces in Logos

Are you able to observe this logo design minutely and find out its hidden meaning?

If not, here is a blog which guides you about a designer term – negative space. For pros, this article will be handy to drive your creative thoughts while planning to design a logo using negative spaces.

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What is Negative space?

(If you already knew about negative space, then you could skip this and move on to the next section. But wait, if you want to learn a bit of extra information)

In art and design, the negative space is formed by using the background (or white) spaces within and between the subject (such as letters and pictures) to create new concepts. Such spaces are used to create an artistic effect uniquely and proficiently to convey multiple thoughts and visions. The use of negative space is a key element of artistic composition.

In simple terms, the negative space is just creating something in attractive forms using the space between two objects. The theoretical definitions are over, lets now see some practical examples below.

How Negative Space helps in Logo?

Now, we are going to share some exclusive tips (only for you) to help with creative logo using negative space. Here are three different methods to use negative space on the logo.


Negative Space Logo using Typography

These are the types of negative space logo where graphic designers combined subtle, relevant symbols into their logo’s typography. The produce a perfect balance by using the negative space between different letter combinations and areas enclosed within letters:

Negative Space Logo using Symbol within a Symbol

Before we saw logos created out of typography. Now let’s see logos created by combining two different forms to create dual meaning behind a single logo. Customers are attracted by these logos while you pitch two separate ideas to them in a unique way. Take a look at these examples of negative space logos

Negative Space Logo using Inside a Letterform

Here is one kind of negative space logo conceptualized by connecting a single letter with a symbol. In such cases, designers created a space within the letter and combine with a symbol relevant to your brand’s product or service

Lastly, one of the deadly combo and designer’s delight is creating a logo using negative space plays and minimalism. You can find this pattern in the current logos.

Hope you found this blog more informational. Happy designing!

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