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employee sharing experience about her journey with white and black

White & Black is a Family, That’s How We Love To Say – Priya



“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

– Henry Ford


True to this, me and my company taking success together. Myself Priya, I am working as a Senior Designer in White & Black. I am part of this family from 2015.  At that time, I was one among the team of 6. Presently, we are a team of 20.

My journey with White & Black is an emotional one. In my career, this is the only company where I am working happily for more than 5+ years. It was always family-like bonding throughout the team, which has made me travel these many years & beyond it.

The working environment here is something I feel like my college days. Moreover, office time is always a breathing space for me. The reason for this opinion is because of the family type bonding present here. Our team ever believes that “Art comes out when you are happy”.


white and black studio graphic design company in trichy

White & Black Studio


My learning graph is phenomenal, where it has started as a learner to a leader. In the beginning, I learned all the basics stuffs for designing from my mentor. I have my diary of learning which has all the notes. I am using this diary & sharing my knowledge for my team.

We have a “healthy pantry” in our office. The pantry was set when we started eating junk foods during our break time. The reason why I specially mentioned this is because it was formed mainly to provide healthy snacks and beverage to our team.


Pantry – Homely, Clean & Hygienic


The relationship between our team with our head is very convenient and friendly. We are more like a family. So, we are given freedom to object, correct or put forth our ideas. As like the family head, our head will always provide best for us.


White & Black is always my home for now & forever.

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