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IPL Teams Logo Design Break Down

Chennai Super Kings:

csk logo

Don’t say no for anything even the brand says yes for everything: c YES K

Symbology of Logo / Sign [or] Logo Break Down:

Did you know the meaning of the CSK Logo? If yes, fresh up yourself | If no, explore here:

Lion & Crown: The rip-roaring lion exposes the bravery of players and their intention towards the game. The crown spectacle the players as the king and inspires them to win in the war field and in the cricket field. Whenever the players wear the cap or jersey, it feels like getting into the ground with the golden crown.

Fans Yellove Craze /  Yellow cheering / Voice of Yellow:

Yellow Flags, Yellow Tshirts, Yellow Whistles, Yellow Caps, Yellow Bands, Yellow Paints – That sound CSK! CSK! CSK! imagination is enough for the goosebumps moment. Even the snacks are yellow popcorn. High sound thunder is not ready to compete with that sound coming from the ground.

The identity of CSK is yellow colour and the yellove fans with endless love

Fans craze and emotion are all connected with CSK through the yellow colour. The colour yellow is the communication medium between the fans and the brand. It shows that pure yellove fans are worth more than gold.

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Royal Challengers Banglore:

RCB – Accept it: C_A_G_  or C_A_L_N_E (Challenge and Change yourself)

#PlayBold: Every problem is a challenge for the challengers, but the playoff is the only aim! It is not too late to play bold in all bad situations.

RCB Logo Break Down:

The Royal Challengers Bangalore doesn’t need any special award. The award is already in the logo. At the bottom, the city of Bangalore holding the lion-hearted [bravery or bold] challengers. High raising lion describes that in every situation, don’t let the head down. Finally, the structure of the logo is giving the award look.

Red Fandom:

The base of the foundation should be stronger like the RCB Fans. Blood is thicker than the water, but the RCB fans thicker than the blood. The attachment of the fans with the team is equal to the blood with the body.

RCB fans are the best-suited example of these words “steadfastness, staunchness, true-heartedness”. The words are different, but the meaning is the same “Loyal”.

Fall & Rise, Peak & Valley, Good & Bad in every V situation RCB fans showed their loyalty and supported the team.

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Mumbai Indians:

Representation & Emotion of MIllions in the two letters! Every fan can relate to it.

Mumbai Indians [MI] – MI or MY – The continuous saying of MI is giving the word My. MI Family = MY Family

Mumbai Indians Logo Break Down:

The logo represents the spinning chakra, a disk-like weapon used by the god. It is the main highlight in the logo covered by the Indian tricolour. Next to that Mumbai Indians name is behind that chakra which shows that the team has high potential to fight in the game. The spinning chakra with the tricolour is closely associated with all Indian cricket fans.

Bleed Blue:

The fans oh sorry, the family of the Mumbai Indians is commonly known as the Paltan. The paltan states that the people are fighting for the common cause. The Men-In-Blue is for India, MIllions-In-Blue is for Mumbai Indians. The blue flags with the chakra are the identity of every MI Fan. The supporters are the strength of the Mumbai Indians to win the championship. In every corner of the ground, the MI[Y] is the only sound you can hear that shows the strength of the MI Family.

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Rajasthan Royals:

Current Trends: AR, VR & RR (Rajasthan Royals)

Rajasthan Royals Logo Break down:

The royals and their kingdom is a big history where every person should be aware of it. Two R’s are in the middle and featuring the team Rajasthan Royals. It is all about being competitive & aggressive on the field, festivity, and respect. The crown on the top showing the pride & dignity of the royals kingdom and the intent about how successfully they ruled the kingdom. 

Why not history repeats!

Royal Pink & Trumpets:

The colour pink is about love, kindness, and spreading awareness. The Royals fans connect with the pink for the same reason but with more love and respect towards the team. The ivory trumpets blowing by the royals fans will remember the victory sound while kings capture the other regions. Ivory trumpets often symbolize kingly power. 

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Kolkata Knight Riders:

“Battle Time or Match Time always the knight riders is ready with the shield”.

Equestrian Knights: Elite Fighters and protectors who are skilled in battle with horseback to save the lords who trust them. Kolkata Knight Riders are the champion battlers who play and win the battle for their people who trust them.

KKR Logo Break Down:

The Kolkata Knight Riders logo is the super theme-based logo that exactly matches their team name. At the top, the purple colour side faced Corinthian Helmet, is placed which was used by the knights at the battle time. It originated in Corinth city, Greece Country. If there is a helmet, then there should be a shield to make the protection strong. Following the helmet, the Kolkata Knight Riders name is appearing on the shield indicates that the KKR team will always be ready for the battle.

Pure Love & Purple Love towards KKR with golden flags:

KKR is blessed to have the pure & purple love of the people with the golden flags on their hand. The colour purple denotes a ray of hope that the knights will always battle and win for them.

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Sunrisers Hyderabad:

Fall to rise! – Every day sun rises to break the darkness. The Sun Risers will light up the game without fading.

Sun Risers Hyderabad Logo Break Down:

The Sun Risers Hyderabad Logo is showcasing the firebird [Eagle] at the centre with the great wings and the team name Sunrisers Hyderabad at the bottom in thick orange colour. At the last #KeepRising is defining that the orange bird will fire and flies high whenever it falls. Finally, the sun at the back of the bird exactly matches the word Keep Raising.


The orange is not itself the colour of the fire but also the colour of the people who support the Sunrisers Hyderabad team, commonly known as the Orange Army. The fans’ craze with the orange expresses the passion towards the orange team. It will make the team time to fire up.

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Punjab Kings:

More than enough For the Bravery! The shield and the lion face

Punjab Kings Logo Break Down:

The logo of Punjab Kings is representing the big shield with a lion at the front. The fierce lion’s face explains how to face the different phases of life without any fear. It is more than enough for the game. Shield with the lion carrying the Punjab kings [players] without any fear.

The Red Turban – Fans Connect:

The Punjab fans craze and love expedited by the red turbans. The Reddish turban present at every Punjab fans heads at every corner of the ground. True people will always support their kings every time. Turban brave hearts always support their team in every situation of the game.

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Delhi Capitals:

The Fearless Tigers – Protection of the fort by a great effort

Delhi Capitals Logo Breakdown:

Delhi Daredevils changed their name a few years ago. When it comes to Delhi, the fort is the common thing striking in our mind. The fort is at the top of the logo that shows the sign of Delhi. Following that, the Delhi Capitals name is present above the tigers which are facing three sides with a roaring face. It symbolically represents that all sides of the fort are protected by the young tigers like the team.

Fans Connect:

The DC fans always support the team in all situations. The combination of blue and red colour is the identity of their fans. The fighting spirit of the fearless tigers is endless when they are with their fans.

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 Logo Break Down & Meaning
CSK Logo  Roaring Lion and Crown
 RCB Logo Accepting the Challenge and Play Bold
MI Logo  Spinning Chakra with Tri-colour. MIllion love
 RR Logo  The Royal Kingdom, Blowing Trumpet and the Pink love
 KKR Logo Corinthian Helmet and the Shield. Pure & Purple love
Punjab Kings Logo Lion and the Shield
 DC Logo The Fearless Tigers – Protection of the fort by a great effort
 Sunrisers Logo  FireBird, Sun Rise, Orange Army

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